Hate That I Love You

I hate you
More than anything
You broke my heart
With all those memories

I hate you
Like cat and dog
Cause you came to me
Like wind blown my hairs

Seems to me that you love me
That you miss me
And I dream of you
Every single night

You know what?
I have a cloud
To shield you in hot day
And I’ll give you a moon
To brighter your shinny night

I made you a cake
With those strawberry as topping
I wrote you a poem
So you can smile everyday

But now I know
That you don’t love me
Neither miss me
And you don’t have a heart for me

I swear I hate you
I don’t want to see you
I want to forget you
I love to loosing you

But honestly
I really really miss you
I want to touch your face
And say, I love you…

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One thought on “Hate That I Love You

  1. very, very cute.

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