It’s All About You

Wajah seorang teman

I tell you
Its all about your smile
Not the best one
But could make me happy

Your smile like a water
Not water in the sea
But water in the middle of dessert
Fill my heart with a lot of joy

I tell you
Its all about your voice
Not as good as olivia ong’s
But could make me smile

I can hear your voice
Very clear and surrounding
Not because it’s terrible
But it sound like a rhythm of girl’s soul

I tell you
Its all about yourself
Like a mist on a mountain
Give a thousand of puzzle
Just for my heart

Maybe you are a complex person
Maybe you have so many thing in your mind
But still it just you
A woman with beautyfull smile

I tell you
Its all about you
You make my day brighter
Indeed, make my night warmer

Not because you are a sun
But because your mystery
Always make me confuse
Giving me very much sweet thing

I swear to you
I like you from the very first time
I need you with all my heart
I want you to hold my hand

Because being with you is very amazing
Looking at you is freezing my heart
And only your heart could warm me up
And blow my eyes with dusty wind

A dust that can shade my eyes
Blind my view and push me so hard
Not to forget you
But to endorse my heart deeply

To see you with my heart
To feel you by my dirty hand
Not to touch your hand
But your heart only

To send you a message
To give you a moment
A message about how I’m feeling
A moment to feel it with you

It’s all about you
And I wrote down this note
Only for you
Please, read it with your heart…

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One thought on “It’s All About You

  1. lovely. its cute and beautiful.

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